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Relax Oil - 100% cold-pressed Flaxseed Oil - naturally high in Omega 3.

 it is naturally high in Omega 3, providing a cool source of energy, supporting healthy joints, healthier skin and a shiny coat.

Relax Oil contains more than 50% plant-based Omega 3, with a similar profile to fresh green pasture.

Why Choose Relax Oil:

  • Omega 3's must be sourced through the diet, as horses are unable to make their own
  • Relax Oil is a cool source of energy, ideal for horses in work
  • Omega 3's have anti-inflammatory properties, helping regulate
    • the immune system
    • decrease skin irritations and 
    • support joint health
  • Omega 3's support healthy hoof growth and support a strong hoof wall
  • Relax Oil is suitable for ulcer-prone horses (anti-inflammatory properties)

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